Address: 129 Water Road, Walmer, PE
Tel: 041 581 2280
Fax: 041 581 8997

What we do

The purpose of Yithethe maAfrika is to enhance, maintain and protect the public reputation and image of destinations, organizations, high-profile people, politicians, companies, projects and/or products. This will result positively towards:

  • image building
  • higher media AVEs
  • turnover and profit
  • investment
  • delivery
  • socio-economic development
  • job creation
  • fighting poverty
  • empowering
  • counteracting negative perceptions
  • nation-building
  • relationship development

How we do it

Yithethe maAfrika offers total media solutions through industry standard media strategizing, public relations and communication management services that include:

  • strategies and plans
  • project management
  • media management and publicity
  • development and production of media communication products, including new media, in-house publications, magazines, funded publication, DVD, and presentations.
  • campaigns and promotions
  • speech, letter and script writing
  • effective two-way communication
  • networking
  • internal and external communication
  • graphic design
  • corporate identity
  • event management
  • sponsorships
  • bid documents
  • workshops
  • educating & informing
  • corporate social investment
  • media planning and buying when necessary